Monday, July 25, 2011

Anagram-mania from the last Lits event!

Each of the following clues has multiple answers that are anagrams to each other.
For Eg. Regrets giving a gift to the snake. (3X7)
Repents, Present, Serpent

Try getting all of them.

1. The competitions frighten Tom so much that he no longer bothers about the units of area. (4X5)
2. Respond to me or there will be no remnant of the wooden box that I will provide. (4X5)
3. Universal cartoons. (2X6)
4. I will sell the company equity while Raj listens to Sheela cut the rabbits of their fur. (4X5)
5. No one is left in the oceanic depths except the pilots. (3X6)
6. You will hear an alarm when you wash off the sap. (3X5)
7. The editor found it more expensive when he raised a pet dog than a pet cat. (3X6)
8. Cuddle and eat chocolate. (2X6)
9. The illness is prevalent in the coastal area. (2X7)
10. Make a written comment about the nature of voice that was heard in the university town in Britain. (3X4)
11. Grieve about something related to the mind, not about your royal cape getting burned when it was kept near the chimneypiece. (4X6)
12. It is great to see the moneybag being manufactured using the dye for plastic. (3X5)
13. Cover in dirt, the female horses that are running along the peripheries of the forest. (2X5)
14. The pervert stands guard with a long sharp weapon when the devil of his friend sexually violates women. He reduces human dignity to dust with the nonchalance of eating fruits. (4X5)
15. The pioneer in the field will put up a comic gig to recount his experiences to us. (3X5)
16. The domesticated cow was slaughtered for beef that was eaten by all the players playing for the same side. (3X4)
17. Beast sitting on a thin layer. (2X6)
18. An organ missing between Tom and Harry? Tom longs for his friend as he was the backbone of the group. (3X5)
19. The procedure for obtaining dead bodies. (2X7)
20. Anything related to marriage will involve aggression and chaos. (2X7)
21. Saved the Casanova from being tied up. (3X7)
22. It is most difficult to tie the strings when you are being criticized. (3X7)
23. The hunter snares the animal, ties it up with a leather belt and chops it into pieces. (3X5)
24. Play the cue game in an unending cycle instead of the game on horseback. (3X4)
25. You were cautioned not to walk aimlessly in the woods. (2X6)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Identify this 'marvel'lous superhero

Johnny Storm? Casey Jones? Steve Rogers? Who is this guy anyway?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He is the answer that we need.

It was May Nineteen Thirty Nine

The time to redefine

While Alice was busy diving down the burrow

Along came this man in whom we saw tomorrow

An American billionaire, Inventor, Industrialist, Playboy and Philanthropist

Do no wrong or you’ll momentarily see his fist.

And then, nothing.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Indeed, origins of?

(Obfuscated hint: Ace and Spade too...)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remember the name(s)?

Superficial Connect Please. (almost exhaustive list)

Clue (July 15):

Focus on a superficial connect. The title must help! Also wanted to say, this question is dedicated to ol' time gamers from around the world.

Clue (July 16):

Now that you know you need to get seven names from the seven clues that would lead you to a PC game, let me add one more word to complete the list.


I know people are going to get really mad at me for coming up with this question.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yet to name it

The Question (July 8):

What connects
a) a turkish film about three brothers,
b) an old Oscar nominated movie about Russian royalty falling in love with a revolutionary,
c) a fighter aircraft and
d) a recent song from a Rajnikanth film (Thamizh)

Clues 1 & 2 (July 9):
The 'connect' we are looking for is a musical instrument - which is also the name of both movies mentioned in (a) and (b) parts of the question.

More Clues (July 10) :

What's this? (July 11 clue)

Extra note about this question ('The type that has not been named') :

Tried but didn't get anywhere? Well, we're going to add, almost daily, additional clues for the same (cryptic, audio, video, a random picture that aids the connect, new clues or more detailed info about earlier clues) till we see a good number of people cracking it. This is highly response oriented, so yes, we await your answers/attempts!

PS: Necessity and addition of further clues will depend on the attempts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picture Perfect!!

Also try and guess the theme.

Answers will be provided on Friday

Friday, July 1, 2011

For the ones who love black and white


1 - Poetry not to be expected from a professional writer? (4,5)
5 - A construction by new guild in capital of Belgium (8)
6 - Caterpillar’s future (5)
7 - A reformed criminal perhaps (2-4)
8 - Act according to rules in theatrical work? Good! (4,4)


1 - Feverish? Relief possible with a bit of bother (7)
2 - The last word (7)
3 - Live discussion using modern means disturbs confidence losing its tail trio around Old Vienna (9)
4 -”Managed” detectives are sour (6)

Please see Comments for Answers.