Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remember the name(s)?

Superficial Connect Please. (almost exhaustive list)

Clue (July 15):

Focus on a superficial connect. The title must help! Also wanted to say, this question is dedicated to ol' time gamers from around the world.

Clue (July 16):

Now that you know you need to get seven names from the seven clues that would lead you to a PC game, let me add one more word to complete the list.


I know people are going to get really mad at me for coming up with this question.


  1. ahh axle, rhonda, bose = road rash!!

  2. roadrash, all of them are names of the bikers we have to select. I will shovel eternal damnation upon you for the next 15 minutes. :D

  3. Left to right, Top to bottom:

    Pearl (Daniel), (Cydney) Bass (Australian Bass), When he ain't fat, he is 'Slim' Jim (Morrison), Rhonda (Byrne), Bose, Milwaukee (Jon), Mike (Shinoda) - and Axle.