Monday, July 18, 2011

Indeed, origins of?

(Obfuscated hint: Ace and Spade too...)


  1. Image (left) : Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson

    Image (middle) : Cover page of Detective Comics, 1937

    Image (right) : Jack Liebowitz

    Origins of : DC Comics


    Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson's comic book company called National Allied Publications was 'in debt' to the printing plant owned by Harry Donenfeld. Hence Nicholson was compelled to partner with Donenfeld. In the process, the new comic book company which came to be known as Detective Comics (later known as DC comics) was formed with Nicholson and Donenfeld's accountant, Jack Liebowitz (image right) as owners.

    By :

    Arunangshu Giri
    IIM-B PGP 2010-12 (PGP2)

  2. Detective Comics

    Avichal Saha
    Section E

  3. Detective Comics

    Courtesy: Google Goggles on Android :)

  4. Shown are Jack Liebowitz and Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson along with the cover page of Detective Comics. DC Comics - Origins of BATMAN (Bat-woman, Robin etc).

    Hence the answer is Bruce Wayne (An American billionaire, Inventor, Industrialist, Playboy and Philanthropist) or the Batman.