Friday, July 8, 2011

Yet to name it

The Question (July 8):

What connects
a) a turkish film about three brothers,
b) an old Oscar nominated movie about Russian royalty falling in love with a revolutionary,
c) a fighter aircraft and
d) a recent song from a Rajnikanth film (Thamizh)

Clues 1 & 2 (July 9):
The 'connect' we are looking for is a musical instrument - which is also the name of both movies mentioned in (a) and (b) parts of the question.

More Clues (July 10) :

What's this? (July 11 clue)

Extra note about this question ('The type that has not been named') :

Tried but didn't get anywhere? Well, we're going to add, almost daily, additional clues for the same (cryptic, audio, video, a random picture that aids the connect, new clues or more detailed info about earlier clues) till we see a good number of people cracking it. This is highly response oriented, so yes, we await your answers/attempts!

PS: Necessity and addition of further clues will depend on the attempts.