Who We Are

IQ’s vision is to facilitate quizzing, literary and logical puzzle activities among the student and larger community of IIM Bangalore by organizing and conducting events as well as by promoting participation. We  work closely with other clubs in organizing any quiz, puzzle or literary activity as part of their schedule. We conduct activities throughout the year including conducting quiz, logical puzzle and word game events in the inter-collegiate festivals conducted by other clubs. IQ’s objective is to make quiz a mainstream activity on campus. 
Activities planned for the year
Over the next academic year we propose to conduct the following events
a)      Conduct at least three informal events of which one will be an intersection quiz featuring professors
b)      Coordinate with other clubs to conduct quiz and literary events during their inter-collegiate festivals 
1. With EnI for Eximius – One online event and one quiz
2. With FII for Vista – One online event, one quiz and one informal event
3. With Cultural Committee for Unmaad – One online event, two to three quizzes, daily literary events, other literary events including potpourri, dumb charades etc depending on club requirement
c)      Publish teaser material and conduct events both online and offline before launch of major activities by other clubs
1. With Sports Council and Alumni Affairs Committee for Shaurya 
2. With MaSh for their intersection events
3. With Operations Society for Modus Operandi
d)      Coordinate with any other student body in IIM Bangalore as and when need arises for their activities
e)      Conduct events outside the campus if it contributes to quiz, puzzle and literary culture at IIM Bangalore
f)       Ensure participation in quiz, puzzle and literary activities outside the campus
g)      Send teams representing IIM Bangalore, for Quizzing, Puzzle and Literary activities, especially Nihilanth, the inter IIT-IIM quiz festival 
h)      Coordinate with external agencies representing IIM Bangalore, to conduct their quiz and literary activities on campus
All senior and junior coordinators of iQ think of themselves as facilitators. They aim to encourage participation, organization and conduct of events by the entire campus community and not just iQ members.