Monday, July 12, 2010

Clueing - First one

We give you 3 clues which will help you to come up with one English word (no proper nouns), with the first clue being a synonym. The remaining two clues are pointers to get the answer which could be in the nature of common cryptic hints, connections or just common sense.

As an example:
1) Garbage (synonym)
2) Ambition (Drive)
3) Learner (L)

Answer: Drivel

Three questions for the day:

1. Answer?
a) Dishonesty
b) Jack
c) Railway

2. Answer?
a) Leadership
b) Border
c) Euro

3. Answer?
a) Change
b) Christ
c) Raphael

1. Knavery (Knave + Ry)
2. Hegemony (Hedge + Money)
3. Transfiguration (Event in Christ's life + Painting by Raphael)