Monday, September 3, 2012

MindTrigger 2012 - Prelims

Here are the much awaited preliminary round questions for Mind Trigger 2012.

1. Entries must be submitted individually.
2. 20 questions - Consisting of quiz questions, crossie clues and potpourri elements.
3. Send your answers in the form of a PDF file to ‘’.
4. The file must be named, ‘__MindTrigger’.
5. The contest is open only to PGP2’s.
6. In case of a tie, the time of submission will be taken into account.

1. Which place, famous in the world of business, gets its name from the tree shown here?

2. Identify the person shown in the banknote. 
3. Which famous venture did he start?

4. Which company are they protesting against?

5. Why was this company in the news recently? Be specific in your answer. 

6. How does the logo connect to the company's name?

7. Simple question. The Korean, Japanese and Chinese words for denoting a ‘round object’ share a common root, and all three of them have identical representations in their script form as well. What are the three words? 

8. Connect the images shown. 

9. In a consumerist article, which examined the reasons for the bankruptcy of Blockbuster, the following graph was published. What has been blanked out? (It indicates the primary reason for its bankruptcy)

10. Connect the following pictures to the end of an era. 


Work out these cryptic crossword clues to arrive at the answers.

11. Fifty snakes climb up these (7)
12. It's the same, up or down (5)
13. Cloudy trek proceeds to a sudden stop (4,6)
14. Well-groomed one needs a quick spur before last month is up (7)
15. Careful examination found in newspaper useless (6)


Figure out the phrase / idiom from the rebus shown





All the best everyone!

P.S. : Please dont attach your answers as comments in the mail or in the blog. Follow the format as mentined in the rules section.

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