Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tolkien and the Slayer of Smaug

The following two scenes depict passages J. R. R. Tolkien wrote as a reaction to a well-known piece of literature. Can you identify it? Submit your response in the comments below.

(Hint: The title of this post provides a clue.)

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  1. Correct, Kartik!

    In "The Hobbit", the dragon Smaug is killed by a man named Bard, a name that is often used to refer to Shakespeare.

    In "Macbeth", it was prophesied that
    (a) Macbeth would be safe till the forest of Birnam moves to Dunsiane Hill. This is fulfilled when the English army carrying trees cut from Birnam wood marches to Dunsiane.

    (b) No man born of woman would be able to harm Macbeth. While killing him, Macduff informs him that he was born "untimely".

    Tolkien preferred a more literal fulfillment of the prophecies.