Sunday, July 15, 2012

For those who missed the IQ informal session

Some word puzzles for you to get cracking. Leave your answers as comments.
Good, Bad and the Ugly: on paper
Three clues refer to: 1. A synonym 2. An antonym 3.An anagram of the answer word (in no particular order).

Unscramble the clues to determine the answer word.
E.g. disagree, eager, correspond – AGREE

  1. secure, agitate, stayed: _____
  2. obscene, weld, chaste: _____
  3. grandiose, coordinated, nonunionized: _____
  4. delays, sainted, liberates: _____
  5. scalp, brooch, release: _____
  6. fix, rapier, break: _____
  7. thoughtless, rescales, heedful: _____
  8. replies, questions, rawness: _____
  9. heed, silent, ignore: _____
  10. single, hitched, admirer: _____
  11. alumna, handbook, automatic: _____
  12. sound, license, quieten: _____
  13. increased, subsided, needless: _____
  14. curt, conical, verbose: _____
  15. nourish, abbreviate, issuant: _____

Each of the following clues has multiple answers that are anagrams to each other.
For Eg. Regrets giving a gift to the snake. (3X7)
Repents, Present, Serpent

  1. The competitions frighten Tom so much that he no longer bothers about the units of area. (4X5)
  2. Respond to me or there will be no remnant of the wooden box that I will provide. (4X5)
  3. Universal cartoons. (2X6)
  4. I will sell the company equity while Raj listens to Sheela cut the rabbits of their fur. (4X5)
  5. No one is left in the oceanic depths except the pilots. (3X6)
  6. You will hear an alarm when you wash off the sap. (3X5)
  7. The editor found it more expensive when he raised a pet dog than a pet cat. (3X6)
  8. Cuddle and eat chocolate. (2X6)
  9. The illness is prevalent in the coastal area. (2X7)
  10. Make a written comment about the nature of voice that was heard in the university town in Britain. (3X4)
  11. Grieve about something related to the mind, not about your royal cape getting burned when it was kept near the chimneypiece. (4X6)
  12. It is great to see the moneybag being manufactured using the dye for plastic. (3X5)
  13. Cover in dirt, the female horses that are running along the peripheries of the forest. (2X5)
  14. The pioneer in the field will put up a comic gig to recount his experiences to us. (3X5)
  15. Play the cue game in an unending cycle instead of the game on horseback. (3X4)
Tom Swifties
Tom Swifties are those sentences which become a pun by adding an appropriate adverb.
Eg: "I'm wearing my wedding ring," said Tom with abandon (a band on)

  1. "The number of people not attending class today really bothers me", said the professor _______
  2. "I wonder why uranium is fluorescent", said Mary _______
  3. "I have writer's block", said Tom _______
  4. "Well, I got here with five minutes to spare", said Tom _______
  5. "I don't need the mantissa of the logarithm", said Tom _______
  6. "I do NOT have a multiple personality disorder", said Tom, trying to be _______
  7. "Use phenolphthalein", Tom _______
  8. "Idiot, add up this list of n numbers and then divide the sum by n", said Tom _______
  9. "When in Rome, do all the naughty things the Romans do", said Mary _______
  10. "The seesaw is upside down", said Tom _______
  11. "I ordered chocolate, not vanilla", I _______
  12. "I think I'll end it all", Sue _______
  13. "South Korea has a lovely capital city", said Tom _______
  14. "Dorian Gray's by Oscar", said Tom _______
  15. "This is all from memory", Tom _______


  1. Good, Bad and the Ugly:
    1. Steady
    2. Lewd
    3. Organised
    4. Slayed
    5. Clasp
    6. Repair
    7. Careless
    8. Answers
    9. Listen
    10. Married
    11. Manual
    12. Silence
    13. Lessened
    14. Laconic

    1. Races, Scare, Cares, Acres
    3. Cosmic, Comics
    4. Share, Hears, Hares, Shear
    6. Rinse, Siren, Resin
    9. Disease, Seaside
    10. Note, Tone, Eton
    11. Lament, Mental, Mantle, Mantel
    13. Smear, Mares
    14. Pacer, Caper, Recap
    15. Pool, Loop, Polo

  2. The answers.
    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
    1. Timbre timber
    2. Made Maid
    3. Dear Deer
    4. Cereal Serial
    5. Bolder Boulder
    6. Dual Duel
    7. Birth Berth
    8. Heroin Heroine
    9. Waist Waste
    10. Bridal Bridle
    1. Races, Scare, Cares, Acres
    2. React, Trace, Crate, Cater
    3. Cosmic, Comics
    4. Share, Hears, Shear, Hares
    5. Remain, Marine, Airmen
    6. Siren, Rinse, Resin
    7. Reader, Dearer, Reared
    8. Nestle, Nestle
    9. Disease, Seaside
    10.Note, Tone, Eton
    11.Lament, Mental, Mantle, Mantel
    12.Purse, Super, Sprue
    13.Smear, Mares
    14.Pacer, Caper, Recap
    15.Pool, Loop, Polo

    Tom Swifties
    1. Absent mindedly

    2. Curiously

    3. Contritely

    4. Bitterly

    5. Characteristically

    6. Frank

    7. Indicated

    8. Meanly

    9. Romantically

    10. Saucily

    11. Screamed

    12. Sighed

    13. Soulfully

    14. Wildly

    15. Wrote