Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comics connect

These three characters could not be more different.

One's a broke London-based private detective specializing in the supernatural, one's a rock star from Montreal, and the third is... well, Superman.

What could they possibly have in common?

As usual, submit your answers in the comments below.


  1. Movie- Scott pilgrim and Superman both feature Brandon Routh, don't know about the Nightside guy though (extrapolate?)

  2. Brandon Routh appears in the movie adaptions of these fictional characters

  3. Brandon Routh potrays the above characters in the movie adaptions of these characters

  4. Actor Brandon Routh has played all three - Superman in Superman Returns, Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Dylan Dog in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

  5. Just a wild guess.( all three are vegetarians..:P..)

  6. All the three characters have been portrayed by Brandon Routh in films

  7. Brandon Routh has played the role of Dylan Dog, Todd Ingram and Superman in movies

  8. Brandon ROuth played all these characters::
    Dylan Dog, Todd Ingram and ofcourse Superman (Clark Kent)


  9. All the three comic characters has been adopted into movies and the character was played by Brandon Routh
    1.Brandon Routh as Dylan Dog in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
    2.Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    3.Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent in Superman Returns

  10. Brandon Routh. Easy peasy Japaneesy.

  11. All were played by Brandon Routh. :)
    As Superman in Superman Returns, 2006.
    As Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrom v/s the World, 2010.
    As Dylan Dog in Dylan Dog: Dead of the Night, 2011.

    -Vishal Vivek

  12. Brandon Routh played the lead in film adaptations of all these three comics dylan dog,scott pilgrim Vs the world and superman returns

  13. Brandon Routh it is. He played all these characters in the film adaptations of their comics.

    From left to right,
    a) Dylan Dog in "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"
    b) Todd Ingram in "Scott Pilgrim vs the World"
    c) Superman in "Superman Returns"