Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who X?

'X' has been associated with 2 great brands. At 'A', where 'X' worked for over 15 years, 'X' was instrumental in introducing an innovative and unique marketing campaign that left A's competitor and market leader 'B' gasping. 'X' was also the youngest-ever president of 'A', for a while.

Based probably on this success story, company 'C' (which was into a completely unrelated business segment) took 'X' aboard, where 'X' changed the sales structure and the target segment and decided to compete with C's competitor and market leader 'D'. Though C's sales improved 10 times when 'X' was around, margins eroded and 'X' was ultimately forced out of 'C'. In the mean time, 'X' was also declared as highest paid executive in this segment.

Identify X, A, B, C, D.



Illustrious names! Sculley, Pepsi, Coke in the thick of things. Check Sai Prasad's/Dinesh's comments for correct answers


  1. {
    Name: Sai Prasad V


    X- John Sculley
    A- Pepsi
    B- Coca-Cola
    C- Apple
    D- IBM

  2. {
    Name: Dinesh Gadge
    X: John Sculley
    A: PepsiCo
    B: Coca Cola
    C: Apple
    D: IBM