Monday, August 16, 2010

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The British East India Company. With a brand new Indian CEO, Sanjiv Mehta, and his grand plans. Headquarters, Opium, logo and one of their India bases, check comments for all details!


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    Name: Sai Prasad V

    Connect: East India Company and Opium Wars.
    Pic 1- Sanjiv Mehta- Current CEO, East India Company
    Pic 2- East India House-Leadenhall Street- Headquarters of British East India Company
    Pic 3- Opium plant-Signifying the production of opium in West Bengal, smuggling into China leading to the Opium wars and ultimately the British seizure of Hong Kong.
    Pic 4- British East India Company's Emblem/logo
    Pic 5- Fort William, Kolkata. This was used by the British as one of their factories for manufacturing opium.

  2. British East India Company
    1. Sanjiv Mehta, purchased the company in 2005.
    2. East India House, London, Headquarters
    3. Opium. East India company traded Opium
    4. Coat of Arms
    5. Fort William, Calcutta built by East India Company.