Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uh.. Homo? Yeah, he's on the phone!

Homophones are a group of words pronounced in the same way but differing in meaning or spelling or both. We'll give you are a set of 6 clues each of which give a pair of homophones (1 pt per homophone).

a) Poetry that progressively becomes bad (5, 5)
Answers: verse and worse

1. Repeated use of the red pills will help our machine to look for minute details (4,5)

2. He chooses to validate a curvy wave rather than a straight one (4,4)

3. “Hey lady, my son needs a double dose of perennial fruits every day, he has to cut back on the unhealthy chocolates” (4,4,4)

4. There is never lack of an agreement on the requirement for a strong lineage (7,7)

5. A wealthy Arab’s gesture of greeting is uncannily quiet, unlike one of his gastronomic satisfaction (5,5)

6. “Stop this cacophony now! And you are henceforth forbidden from such imprudent acts!” yelled the mentor to his group of mentees (6,4)

Leave your answers as comments, they will be published before the next question!

1. Loop, Loupe
2. Sign, Sine
3. Pair, Pear, Pare
4. Dissent, Descent
5. Sheik, Shake
6. Banned, Band



  1. Ans 2. Sign and sine

    Will update other answers as I get them

  2. {

    Name: Vidhula Venugopal


    1- No clue yet :(
    2- Sine, sign
    3- pair, pear, pare
    4- dissent, descent
    5- sheik, shake
    6-banned, band


  3. Name: Vaibhav Garg

    3 Pair - Pear - Pare
    4 Dissent - Descent

  4. 1. loop loupe
    2. sine sign
    3. hail heil hale
    4, dissent descent
    5, sheik shake
    6. band banned

  5. 1. ....
    2. Sign and Sine
    3. ....
    4. Dissent and Descent
    5. Sheik and Shake
    6. Banned and Band