Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Q7.You know what to do

Hint: Yom Kippur ain’t far off and I’m a palestinian
Leave the answers as comments. They will be scored and published before tomorrow's question.

Answer : Lead Singers of Black Sabbath. See comments for details.


  1. {
    Name: Sai Prasad V

    Connect Theme: Lead Singers of Black Sabbath. The artists in all the 9 pictures have lent their voices for Black Sabbath at some point of time or the other. The 9 artists are:

    Picture 1-Dave Walker
    Picture 2-Ronnie James Dio
    Picture 3- Ian Gillan
    Picture 4-Rob Halford
    Picture 5- Ozzy Osbourne
    Picture 6- Dave Donato
    Picture 7-Tony Martin
    Picture 8-Ray Gillen
    Picture 9-Glenn Hughes