Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Q6. Keep Connecting

Hint: An evening outside the Louvre

Answer : For whom the bell tolls. See comments for details.

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  1. "For whom the bell tolls"

    The title of the book quotes John Donne's writing.
    Flag of the International Brigades of which a character in the book is a part.
    "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is a song by Metallica.

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    Name:Vidhula Venugopal
    Answer: Ernest Hemingway.
    Metallica had a song titled 'For Whom the bell tolls' in their 'Ride the lightning' album. John Donne (in the picture) had written a poem with the same title. The flag is of the second Spanish Republic. Hemingway had a book titled "For whom the bell tolls" which is set during the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway also lived in Paris ('an evening outside the Louvre').

  3. Name: Vaibhav Garg
    Answer: Spanish Civil war 1936

    pic1: for whom the bell tolls - 3rd track of ride the lightning - story of international brigades soldiers
    Flag: international brigades' flag who defended second spanish republic in war
    Pic: is that ernest hemingway who covered the war

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    Name: Sai Prasad V

    Connect: For Whom the Bell tolls.

    Picture 1- Album cover "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica. The song "For whom the bell tolls" is from this album.

    Picture 2 - John Donne. He was the english metaphysical poet who wrote the prose "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions". Meditation XVII, a sermon from this prose contains the phrase "for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee".

    This phrase "For whom the bell tolls" was later used as the title of a novel about the spanish civil war by Ernest Hemmingway which later proved an inspiration for the song by Metallica.

    Picture 3- Flag of the international brigades used in Spanish Civil war. The book "For whom the bell tolls" talks about the travails of an american university tutor who aligns with the International Brigades and fights in the Spanish Civil War possibly reflecting his own experiences when he served as the reporter for the North American Newspaper alliance and covered the spanish civil war.

    Hence the connect.