Monday, July 5, 2010

Q5. Connect

Guess the theme of the picture. Leave the answers as comments (ciphering not needed). They will be scored and published before tomorrow's question.

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Guest question from Karthik Srivatsan

Answer : Murder of Satyendra Dubey. See comments for more details.


  1. Name: Vaibhav Garg
    Answer: Theme is Whistleblowing - Issues and Risks.
    the picture tells the Satyendra dubey case - the IIT engineer who was killed when he reported to PMO the rampant corruption in the golden quadilateral project in Bihar/Jharkhand.

    Clues: murder, whistle, quadilateral

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    Name: Sai Prasad V

    Theme: Murder of Whistle blower Satyendra Dubey.

    Part 1: Poster of the film "Murder"

    Part 2: Pic of a whistle to signify "whistle blower"

    Part 3: The Quadrilateral represents the Golden Quadrilateral Project on which the NHAI was working on. Satyendra Dubey, an alumnus of IIT,Kanpur was working on the Golden quadrilateral project and exposed the corruption and was murdered for being the whisteblower. The numbers on the quadrilateral represent the National Highways (NH 2, NH 8 etc) that were connected through this project.

  3. The book 'Checklist for Murder' based on whistle blower murderer Robert Peernock

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    Name : Rahul Ranjit
    Answer : Murder of Sateyndra Dube, whistle blower in exposing corruption in Golden Quadrilateral Project

    Links : The Golden quadrilateral with highway nos are represented by the diamond figure and digits.The poster is of the movie murder. Whistle blower is a person who exposes corruption in an organisation.