Friday, July 2, 2010

Q2. Connect

Clue - “Beam me up Scotty!”
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Several correct answers, James Tiberius Kirk, check Anish/Savita/Sai Prasad's etc. comments for complete connect


  1. is it william shatner - as denny crane in BL and capt. Kirk in star trek...

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    Name : Rahul Ranjit
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  3. Name: Mitranjan Bhaduri
    Ans: guess is William Shatner...
    He starred in Boston Legal. He also did this rap thing on Julius Caesar and I'm guessing that's Caesar's statue? No idea how to fudge about the rest...

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    Name: Anish Aryan:
    Answer:(James Tiberius "jim" kirk)
    James Benett, shown in the pic, portayed the character of young James T. Kirk
    William Shatner from Boston Legal,shown in the pic, portrayed James T. Kirk
    James T. Kirk was born and raised in Riverside, Iowa, which is shown in the pic
    The clue is the catch phrase used in Star trek by captain kirk.
    Tiberius , the rome emperor is shown in the pic and the middle name of captain kirk is tiberius

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    Name: Savita E
    The first pic is of Tiberius Caesar Augustus
    The second one is Boston legal. William Alan Shatner who played the role of James Tiberius Kirk in Star trek won many awards for his performance in the series Boston legal.
    The third pic is of James Jimmy Bennett who played the young James T. Kirk in Star Trek.
    The fourth pic is of Riverside which is a city in rural Washington County, Iowa, United States. Riverside proclaimed itself the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.
    And finally "Beam me up, Scotty!" is phrase said by Captain Kirk in Star trek

    So I guess the only thing common to all is "James Tiberius Kirk"

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    Name: Sai Prasad V

    Connect: James T.Kirk, Commanding Officer USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

    The marble bust in the picture is that of Tiberius, the second emperor of the Roman Empire. According to the film on Star Trek, Kirk's parents name him as James Tiberius and hence the link.

    William Shatner, who played the role of Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series later starred as attorney Denny Crane in the TV series "Boston Legal" and hence the link to the second picture.

    The kid in the picture is Jimmy Bennett. He played the role of Captain Kirk as a young kid in the Star Trek film which released last year.

    And finally, the town in the map is Riverside, Iowa which is Captain Kirk's hometown according to the story.

    Hence the complete connect to Captain James Kirk.

  7. Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

  8. Captain Kirk's middle name is Tiberius (the bust).
    William Shatner of Boston Legal plays the role of Captain Kirk.
    Jimmy Bennet plays the young Captain Kirk.
    Washington County, Iowa is the future birthplace of Captain Kirk

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    Name: Suman Mondal
    Answer: "Beam me up Scotty!" is a catch
    that made its way into pop culture from the
    science fiction television series Star Trek.
    The picture in the middle is of Boston Legal
    which is American legal drama comedy in which
    william shatner acted. Wiiliam shatner played the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek who said the catchphrase.