Friday, July 9, 2010

Q9. Identify theme

Identify the theme. Link the statement with the 2 pictures. Leave the answers as comments. They will be scored and published before tomorrow's question.

Answer : Calvin and Hobbes!

@Sai Prasad, your answer came in after we published it here!



  1. {
    Name: Savita
    Answer: Calvin and Hobbes

  2. {

    Name: Vidhula Venugopal
    Answer: Calvin and Hobbes. The pictures are of John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes respectively.


  3. Oh is it? I definitely did not see that you had published the answers by the time I posted my reply. Anyhow, can you please give the answer as to what is the connection with the Son of Sulis part? I had taken a guess at connecting Calvin and Hobbes with the Son of Sulis phrase. Just wanted to know if that was correct. Thanks.

    -Sai Prasad