Monday, June 28, 2010

Q1. God of Arms

We are now in the year AD 49 according to a group of eccentrics of a certain nation. The autobiography of a certain individual is the bible for this group of fanatics and they celebrate Christmas in late October. Those who helped the deity in his career have been named apostles. Those who hindered have been branded heretics. What is the organization being referred to in this question called and what does AD stand for ?

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The organization is Iglesia Maradoniana (Maradonian Church). AD refers to After Diego.


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  2. I'm pretty sure that the God in question is Maradona....... Their, and mine, christmass comes at october 30th every year!

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    Nitin Awasthi:
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  5. Name:Deepak Yadav
    Answer:1. God's Kingdom Society
    2. Anno Domini

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    Name: Suman Mondal (PGP1)
    Answer:The organisation referred to here is
    the Diegorian Brothers and they have set up
    the first Maradonian Church, a religion
    dedicated to the worship of Argentina's
    greatest ever footballer.
    AD means After Diego - according to a group of
    eccentrics in the Argentine city of Rosario.